Theodor Jikander

Founder, CEO, Partner

Experienced project manager, publisher, and designer. Winner of multiple national and international design and publication awards. Previous app projects parked top ten in Health/Lifestyle for many years. Broad experience of complex teams management and digital development in the creative and digital spaces for over 20 years. Co-founder of several startups.

Emma Kreuger PhD

Founder, Partner

MSc in Molecular Biology, Stockholm University. PhD and Associate Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology, Lund University. Working with sustainable solutions and knowledge transmission. From a family of entrepreneurs; siblings, parents, and grandfathers. Board experience from three companies.

Pierre Rotzius MD-PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Partner

Experienced orthopaedic officer with a focus on sports injuries. PhD in Physiology from Karolinska Institutet. Head of Department and Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at Södersjukhuset. Experienced and published in clinical research, epidemiology, life sciences and medicine. Team doctor for Hammarby Fotboll and the Swedish national team in Futsal.

Pontus Raak MSc

Chief Technical Officer

Master in medicinal chemistry and licensed pharmacist from Uppsala University. Experienced leader within complex, international and modern tech and product organisations. A passionate technologist with previous experience from healthtech who always strive to find new solutions to old problems. Previous roles include Engine Lead at EQT and Product Manager at KRY/LIVI.

Petter Wallberg

CPO, Partner

Founder of several startups in France and Sweden, including two coworking spaces, in Chamonix and Steamboat. Successfully launched Norrsken House in Stockholm, the largest coworking space in Europe for impact tech. Previous roles include Product Owner at Forza Football with >3M MAU.

Anton Grip MSc

Head of Insurance

Former head of underwriting at If P&C with 13 years experience from the insurance industry. Background as management consultant at McKinsey. MSc in engineering physics and BSc in psychology with specialisation in behaviour and decision psychology. Works as independent consultant in the insurance industry.

Linda Karen Guttormsdóttir MSc

Digitalisation Manager Healthcare

Degree in physiotherapy, health informatics and public health from Reykjavik University and Karolinska Institutet. Clinical experience from Sweden and Iceland. Linda is the co-founder of two startups focusing on women's health. Her primary focus in the team is analysis and digitization of clinical processes, patient data as well as project management and management of clinical introduction in Iceland.

Filip Henrikson MSc

Business Developer, Partner

BSc in Physiotherapy and MSc in Bioentre-preneurship, both from Karolinska Institute. With experience as a ranked tennis player and coach, Filip brings valuable pedagog-ical perspective to our procedural and clinical design. His ambition is to create useful digital solutions to achieve efficient and high-quality care in alignment with Payer incentives and reimbursement models, the subject of his Masters thesis.

Emelie Johansson MSc

Process Design Engineer, QA Lead, Partner

Broad engineering background, from mathematical statistics, multivariate analysis, to physiology, and human nutrition. As a Lead on Healo’s tech team, Emelies post-grad ambition to work with a digital startup with broad impact potential and the scope to improve the everyday lives of people is 100% fulfilled.

Jimmy Englund BSc

Chief Physiotherapist

Degree in Physiotherapy from Karolinska Institutet, over 20 specialised courses in health and with extensive clinical experience (PHC).Jimmy’s passion is active rehab, where exercise and patient self-care and self-efficacy are the goals. His background in journalism fuels his drive to spread knowledge about health and lifestyle with equal parts seriousness and humour.

Caroline Söderström BSc

Project Manager Healthcare

BSc Physiotherapy from Uppsala University with broad clinical experience from geriatrics and primary care to professional football. In addition to her position at Healo, Caroline works part-time at a specialist clinic in Stockholm and finishes her MSc in sports science at the School of Gymnastics and Sports Sciences. Passionate about increasing accessibility around high quality physiotherapy.

Jan Royson

Business developer

An entrepreneur in wellness and health with a background as a naprapat, he has worked clinically and run rehab centers and worked with assignments for various national teams.
Founder of Trygg Rygg and My Wellness where both businesses have been divested and live on within Falck Healthcare and ePassi respectively.
Been a partner in Healo since 2018.

Impact team


Sergiu Doruc BSc

Senior Developer, Backend Lead

Extensive experience of product analysis and development of applications with complex architecture and databases: social networks, video portals, etc. Previously engaged in multi-year contracts for the likes of Air Moldova and the Wall Street Journal. Sergiu has a degree in mathematics and Informatics from MSU, is a strong team player and lead on project management and comms between our tech verticals.

Ion Mosnoi MSc

AI Lead, Data Science Lead

Ion holds double master degrees in Data Science and Entrepreneurship from Aalto university in Finland and Nice-Sophia Antipolis in France. As Healo’s lead data scientist, Ion identifies and integrates datasets that are leveraged in our AID algorithms. He works closely with the engineering team to strategise and execute the development. Previous positions include ML projects and startups in several countries.

Yuriy Prysyazhnyuk BSc

DevOps, Senior Developer Backend

Considerable experience in creating scalable and highly available systems from prototype to launch. Previously he was leading developer teams in creating SaaP platforms for Swedish railway systems, Oxford University and the British Council. Owns a degree in Systems of Artificial Intelligence. Yuriy is a key member in aligning a development process between tech teams.

Borys Shcherbyna BSc

Senior Developer, iOS Lead

A law major that pivoted to a detail-oriented and dedicated IT professional. Borys has more than 7 years of experience in iOS native development. He has previously been dev or lead dev in several startups in both the fintech and medtech sectors. Borys is always striving for the best possible solution.

Alexander Kryvoshta MSc

Senior Developer, Android Lead

Master in computer science from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Alex has worked with different technologies for going on 20 years but since 2011 has been working solely with Android. Previous projects include startups and established companies in finance and maps/GPS. Alex is a diligent senior dev who always aims to reach his deliverables ahead of deadline, and often does.

Andrew Kobylin MSc

Senior Developer, Frontend Lead

Master in computer science from Kyiv Technical Institute. Andrew’s capacity to factor in business value in the development process is a key driver in his role in the team. He has a keen mind for experiments and is always searching for innovative technical solutions. A personal focus is new development approaches to make him more productive.

Impact team


Pelle Nordlander MBA

Senior Advisor, PMO, Pharma

Pelle has 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, real-world evidence and market access at AstraZeneca, with the last eight years as Senior Manager in the Swedish management team. Pelle has a deep knowledge of the Swedish healthcare system and market access in the Nordic region. He has been responsible for parts of AstraZeneca's business with Swedish authorities TLV, SoS, LV and SBU as well as associations for special organizations, regions/SKR and regional pharmaceutical committees. Pelle has been AZ's representative in regional and national working groups at lif and chaired LIF Stockholm 2018-2019.



Pelle's previous focus has been in a customer-oriented role with structured introduction of product launches, substitution rules, value creation, reports and efficiency models for budget and other strategic tools. Pelle has led and participated in strategic and operational teams that internally report to the Swedish and Nordic management teams. Previous positions include regional manager with responsibility in strategic launch planning, collaboration with "market access" and organizational planning for seven Swedish regions in Uppsala-Örebro.

Robert Persson Asplund PhD, Lic. Psychologist

Senior Advisor, Psychology

Licensed psychologist and researcher in clinical psychology at Linköping University. Robert’s career spans 15 years of clinical work in various healthcare settings including primary care, psychiatry, and rehabilitation. Robert was part of the team responsible for designing multimodal stress rehabilitation in the Stockholm healthcare region, and for the implementation of internet-based interventions in several Swedish healthcare regions.

At his current position as Chief Psychologist at the Scandinavian occupational health provider Avonova, Robert is responsible for quality, coordination, and the development of psychosocial services. Robert’s primary field of interest is on the development and evaluation of digital health flows and integration of assessment, interventions, and health economics at both individual and organisational levels.

Mikael Mattsson PhD

Physiology, Data Strategy Analysis

Expert in Digital Health, with special knowledge in precision health, exercise physiology, endurance training, sports genetics, mobile health, and exercise analytics. Affiliations to Karolinska Institutet, Stanford University and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). Mikael is the CEO and founder of Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics (SVEXA).

Louise Gottlind MSc

Healthcare Digitalisation, Partner

Extensive clinical experience with focus on behavioural change in patients. BSc in Physiotherapy and Psychology from Karolinska Institute, and MSc in Sport Science from The Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences, where the published thesis involved a three year study of a broad patient base performing digital rehab with an app.

Impact team

Board of Directors

JP Berlips MD

Chairman, Partner

Active chairman. Licensed physician and orthopaedic surgery resident with experience of entrepreneurship and as a consultant in IT for health care. JP is a co-founder and the COO of ApoEx, a major Scandinavian pharmaceuticals distributor and one of Sweden’s fastest growing startups of all time.

Adam Nyström MSc

Board Member, Partner

Masters Degree in Finance and extensive experience from the finance industry. Former Partner and Fund Manager at Didner & Gerge Fonder. Today, Adam manages his own investment company with focus on smaller publicly traded companies and startups. Current investments and commitments range from e-health to legal tech and fin-tech.

Sara Forssberg BSc

Board Member

Senior marketing and communications professional with broad experience from strategic work for local and global companies, from startups to established brands in a wide range of business areas, for example Orkla, GANT, Klarna, The Absolut Company and OMX. Previously, Sara has held senior and executive positions at OMD, DQ Comms, and Aller Media.